Missed Me, Missed Me, Now You Have to Kiss Me!

It’s been a pretty little minute since I last wrote a pretty little post with a pretty little title already attached to it. Usually the pretty little titles come after Ive finished writing the pretty little post and more often than not have nothing to do with the post itself. But then to be quite honest, the pretty little title and the pretty little post usually have nothing to do with each other anyway. It doesn’t really matter what order they came into existence…
So this is my first post of my new blog. And no, I haven’t abandoned my old one. “That Unsigned Hype” is still very much in existence. (second time I’m using that word isn’t it? Ugh) anyway, consider this my side project. Sort of  like Mike Shinoda with “Fort Minor” or Chester Bennington with “Dead By Sunrise”. And just in case you didn’t know, Mikey Mike & Chester Chess are the two front men from Linkin Park. I’m just sorta a lil tired of Sleek ragging on me all the time about just how mushy Ive gotten over the past month or so. Plus, (and this is the real reason) I thought it would be fun. And so this is my Sappy Place. The place where I can be as mushy and as painfully sappy as I want.
And you know what the best part is? I wont be alone. No, Ive got Jay with me as well. Most of you don’t know Jay. But I can guarantee you, you will.
Now for all intensive purposes this is  strictly meant to be just a introductory post so I wont bring on the mush just yet. Nah, I’ll save that til next time. Or maybe I’ll let jay kick it off. But whatever, time will tell.
I’m starved. I’m gonna get myself something to eat and I’ll see you on the flip…
P.S. And once again, the pretty little post has nothing to do with the pretty little title what so ever…oh well…
Welcome to “I Left My Eyeliner At Home”
L.A. (The “Scratched” in The Scratched Records)


  lulu wrote @

some mush? all for free, i shall be an addict

  McKeith wrote @

Now I await for the Jay posts.

  the emrys wrote @

yo getting mushy here?? ah ah

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