The Art Of Talking About Nothing/ That’s 2-1, Jay

so almost a week has passed since i was meant to write this. i guess you could say that its been one of those weeks. a week of a whole lot, as well as a whole lot of nothing. a week of taking chances, of getting stood up, of seeing old friends and of reviving old habits. a week of wondering whether i did something wrong, a week of finding out that i havnt, a week of more than one “more than chances” and a week of a God revealing himself in the most amazing “OMG, there’s no way this could be a coincidence” ways.

I first got the idea for this post on saturday morning while shlopping around (and no that’s not a typo; i did in fact say SHLOPPING around) in the mud slippery, water puddledly (is that even a word?) environ that is Nakawa market. I was doing grocery shopping with my auntie Helen and my cousin Jay (yes, the one and the same) and as we made our rounds from stall to stall stocking up on cabbages and bananas and eggplant and pine-apple and carrots and string beans and a whole lot of other stuff, it was hard for me not to miss the fact that there were a lot of couples milling about, often hand in hand, doing the same thing I was doing with my AUNT and my COUSIN. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I love them to death but seeing all those couples with their better halves made me a little lonely for MY better half. for that girl, that woman, that lady I go home to every night. the one who wears my heart on her finger and hers on mine. I’m a long way from there, of course, but it did have me thinking…maybe its time to start thinking of finding Miss Right. yeah, that’s right, the one that doesn’t exist…for anyone. Or maybe not, as the next few days came to prove.

I started flirting with MJB again sometime last week. light-skinned, OMG she’s too beautiful for me to just be friends with her now that ex-best friend (code-named: Rukus) is now out-of-the-way, is she juss cussin with me, MJB. There may have been an instance of Facebook Cyber Sex or two…(trying hard to suppress a cheeky grin) but I guess it was a lil too soon cos when we made plans to link up, she totally bailed on me. which was just as well seeing as if  i had gotten her alone…who knows what i would have had her do to me…

Then there was the totally plutonic meeting with Superstar. the hugs were plutonic, the eye connection was plutonic and so was the conversation…thats what ive been telling myself anyway. and the thing is, they were. the entire meeting was undoubtably plutonic. but it had been a while since i had seen her, the billboard didn’t quite do her justice and i had forgotten just how gorgeous she was…IS…two overiding factors however. (thank God!)

1. Her ex is a good friend of mine and is still in love with her and

2. we’re gonna be working very close to each other over the next few months, if not years and anything more than merely plutonic would only complicate things.

but still, i cant help but think “even though…”

okay, i think I’m starting to ramble…and rambling is never good, especially about nothing of any real importance…and so I’m going to conclude this with a shruggified (i know that one is not a real word so add that one to your mental dictionary)

“Watch This Space”…

“The Scratched” AKA L.A.

Listening to;

Decode- Paramore

Playing With Fire- Emery

Freakum Dress- Beyonce

Give It To Me Right- Melanie Fiona



  lulu wrote @

i wont read this blog much, i will break out of my principles and start to feel lonely

  Princess wrote @

Platonic, my friend.

“Plutonic” has me thinking of planets and such…

  The Scratched Records wrote @

but princess…you with your spelling corrections…i’m easy!lol

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