The Beginning. Rude Boy by Rihanna.

This is the beginning.

The first of however many posts I’m so inclined to write. As introduced, I’m Jay and I haven’t written for anyone but myself since I deep-sixed that English O-Level battle ax. It’s nice to be back on the playing field.

I represent the “Records” part of this union and that probably is accurate because I’m a music whore. I live it, breathe it and why not, its the only thing that can epitomize humans as a race.

Well enough crap.

Thursday, is the lucky day we review a current or upcoming song (among other things). Its that day that is more than half-way through the week, but it ain’t Friday, so…time well wasted.

Besides, who needs a Monday Massacre on a Monday? There’s nothing that can enlighten a poor soul then, because its freaking Monday. I was born on a Monday, poor parents.

This week RUDE BOY by our favorite, and now tormented RIHANNA

I don’t miss her cutesy days. She is must better put to work after drama. I’m not saying that Chris was right to beat her (OLD NEWS) but, her music has evolved from harmless “Good Girl Gone Bad”ness to pink armored tank crushing all other female artists in her path.

Rude Boy is a classic dance-hall gig. I don’t think there is actually much amazingness attached to it but its catchiness and club-play potential (which is starting to run short).

Never the less. She is adorable like a cat that just bit you but still expects you stroke her. The video knocks the straight dudes and lesbians out and the lyrics are simple and sexy.

This will probably be her last and only No. 1 on Rated R but lets see how long it takes people to get tired of it. It is repetitive like no one’s business and isn’t a notable contribution to art in general.

The scale is

0 – 20% Avoid at All Costs
21 – 49% Background Music
50 – 65% Tolerable
66 – 80% I Can Down to This
81 – 100% This Song Plays On Repeat in My Ipod

I give this moonshine a 58% Tolerable. Ooh.

Lyrical Substance – 18/40
Beat & Music – 29/40
When Played in the Club – 7/10
When Played at Home – 4/10

So if you into our Thursday BS:
Comment: Disagree with me? Like the Song? Tell us about it.

Peace. Jay Records


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