Midnight Train to Nowhere Pt. 2

Streetlights, streetlights,
Cold winter’s night.
Cold winter’s sloth, cold winter’s flight.
Stop signs and hobos and red taillights.
Boil, blood boil
For you’re in for one hell of a ride.

He grips the steering wheel. The strength of his grip is murderous. He chokes it, wringing it like he would the throat of an unforgivable enemy. Squeezing the life out of it. His teeth are grit, his brows are furrowed, his mantra not “Die, please die, oh God please let him die” but something more poignant…something infinitely more urgent, something more like, “Be there, please be there, oh God please let her be there…”
He is doing sixty-five miles an hour in a thirty-five zone. He is flying down the street. Through stop signs and red lights. With not one eye to caution. There is no time for it. There is no time for anything.
His driving is reckless. He has been drinking. His judgment impaired by the alcohol pumping through his veins, its affects enhanced by the rush of adrenaline coursing through his system. The cocktail of both a dangerous mixture indeed.
Damon takes a deep breath in an attempt to calm himself. Releases some pressure on the acceleration. Getting yourself killed wouldn’t be the best of ideas right now, man. She’ll be there. She loves you. She’ll wait…
And when you do find her there, you better make sure that you apologize. Make things right. You’re the reason she’s leaving. You’re the reason she’s running away. You hurt her. You hurt her real bad, man. You have to convince her to stay. You have to give her a reason to stay. But first, before any of that, you need to stay alive long enough to do all that.
The car slows. Unfortunately for Damon he doesn’t notice that he’s in the middle of an intersection. Unfortunately for Damon he doesn’t notice that he just ran another damned red light. Unfortunately for Damon he doesn’t notice that there is a garbage truck speeding towards him. And unfortunately for Damon he doesn’t notice any of these things until it is one second too late…



  Princess wrote @

Oh damn, you killed him! Or made him considerably less desirable. Damnit!

Anywho, you have a lot more authority with this masculine voice. Good job!

[Oh, crap. I’m a writing tutor and I’m transferring my work-style here. Sorry. Speaking of, time to go to work…]

  The Scratched Records wrote @

youre a writing tutor? like really….? hmmm…thats a lil scary if i do say so myself…lol
and yes i killed him…it was either him or hailey…

  Princess wrote @

Scary? Why, I’m the friendliest, most loving tutor you’d ever meet. 🙂

Is there a part 3? Is this the end to the barely began love affair?

  The Scratched Records wrote @

i want to write a part 3…but dont wanna rush it…juss wanna let it come to me…that doesnt mean it wont be any less tragic though…

hmmm, ive always wanted a writing tutor…what are your rates?lol

  Princess wrote @

A few drinks for free when I finally come home, is all. Not steep at all. 🙂

  The Scratched Records wrote @

looks like you have a deal…

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