Rising Star: Mike-O

Its a rare thing, to witness a star in the making. It’s as rare as a blue moon, or if that’s too generic for you, then as rare as a bloody steak on a Saturday afternoon.

I was sitted in the front row, just like always. And just like always, I was completely blown away. Michael Onen had a gift. A gift so big, so obvious that there was no denying it. Of course there was the additive that he had been doing this for quite some time now. Twelve years if you were to ask him. But if you were to ask me, I would say that it it’s been a whole lot longer than that. He penned his first song when he was eight and form his own group at the very same age.

Twenty-two years later and he’s still at it. Everyone is put on this earth to do something. For Michael Onen (or Mike-O to you), it is to sing. You can see it in his conviction when he’s on stage. The way he hold the mic, the way he controls the crowd, the way he hits his notes.

The house is packed. And although they are not necessarily there to see him, its Power Fm’s Movie Night (I swear Muji you should pay me for that plug) they might as well be. As I look back at the crowd, he has them transfixed. Eating out of the palm of his hand.

I hear one person ask whether he’s Ugandan. Another, a girl, commenting on how he has the voice of an angel, too bad he’s married.

I smile to myself, they haven’t seen, or in this case, heard nothing yet. Get ready world, Mike-O is about to take Uganda by storm.

To listen to his latest single “Napenzi (the wedding song)” click on the link below:




  Princess wrote @

I listened to the song on his facebook page. Dude has a gift!

  Sleek wrote @

Again, i came to floss about how i’ve met the guy. I’m a poser

  Sleek wrote @

I’ll also add that i do not quite like this theme.confusing,too little space for the text

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